today was a day.

a rainy day. a no cable day. a boring cleaning day.

so the bay area is under attack by some nasty storm (i think we should name it like hurricanes. although it has been fun telling husband "thar be a storm a brewin'.") apparently we've had 6+ inches of rain in the past 36 hours, which doesnt sound like a lot to you texans, BUT apparently, by the time the storm is over, we're going to get 10+ inches of rain which is more than we got during the entire year of 2007. we kinda have a drought. and people in california just dont react well to rain. i swear its all survivalist mode around here. i tried to buy a 6-pack of water for my car yesterday (because i like to keep water in the car for thursty moments) and they were out. i asked the stockdude and he was like "thar be a storm a brewin'." well, not really. but, he did say people were stocking up. um. ok. i believe in being prepared, but ITS RAIN! at worst we loose power for a bit or maybe the sewers back up, but really? you need 50gallons of water? silly people.

i did brave the weather the today in order to return to the ear, nose and throat guy to get looked at again and have my hearing checked. that went well. no more infection and i'm offically NOT deaf like husband thinks. (come to find out, he's a mumbler.) in fact, i have very "normal" hearing, BUT i MIGHT have a tiny hole in my left eardrum (the infected, yuck, ear). i have a follow up appointment in a few months to keep an eye on it, but chances are that was how my body got rid of the infection and it will continue to heal and my hearing will even improve with that. YAY for ears that work!

also, my buddy erican has been given 10 days to go into labor, otherwise she'll be induced and there will be two more cutie pie babies attacking this planet. i cant wait. its a neat feeling knowing someone will enter mommydom and kinda know when. with kirbs she was like, monday. everyone was like MONDAY!!! ok. i'm weird. i'm babbling. i think i had too much sugar today.

so, tomorrow husband is off again. it sucks because we're just getting back into our grove. my mom went back home yesterday (i was actually bummed to see her leave, which is kinda a new thing. we had a great time. everything that happened last year happened for a reason and i'm convinced she's a better person for it.) and we de-christmased the house. today he played bioshock ALL.DAY.LONG. ugh. such a creepy game. i will miss husband, but i will not miss his obsession with this game. so its the boogerbear and me for a while. we have big plans to organize and put away his toys, hang shelves, frame pictures, scrapbook the last 6months, hang out, and put away our old dishes and get our new fiestaware into the cabinets.

i'm actually very excited about the new dinnerware. currently we're using black stoneware from cost plus. its functional, but its starting to chip. and its boring. and we all know i cant be boring... i've been thinking about buying fiestaware for a while. all i did was mention it to my mom and she was on my laptop trying to find a few retired sets to give me for "after-christmas." next thing i new, i had 12 5-piece place settings in every color we could find them in on the way. the only thing i've received so far are a couple apricot cup&saucers and they're CUTE! *does a little happy dance*

ok, now that i've discussed dinnerware, i think thats a good time to depart and finish packing husband. night all.

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KS said...

hey there, i linked back to you! 10 inches of rain is a lot, i can sympathize-i'm orginally from vancouver where it RAINS and RAINS. as for the babymarketplace, its sick really, i might go bankrupt on that site!


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