my own stupidity has returned to haunt me.

look in to my memory. my memory of living in ketchum, idaho (sun valley) in the winter/spring/summer of 2005. what did i do there? i went through a rocking piercing apprenticeship, met robin williams, bruce willis, and even saw iceT and cocca at a gas station AND i got a bad cold. i went to the doctor regarding that cold in april2005. i took a round of antibiotics in april 2005. i had fluid retained in my left ear in april 2005. so come may 2005, my life became a non-stop whoorl wind and my ear was only a little clogged and wasnt bugging me, so i put it on a back burner. then i got knocked up, married, bought a house, had a kid, finally went back to a doctor about my ear due to the fact that the hubby is convienced i was going deaf. that doctor gave me more antibiotics which did nothing. (those antibiotics were also part of the downfall of the breastfeeding. poop.) i was referred to a ear, nose, and throat guy that i didnt want to go see because the original doctor said i would more than likely need tubes in my ear and i didnt want to do that. i had an infant at home. i wanted to take care of him, not myself. poop.

so, fast forward to december 2nd, 2007. i get an earache. its not too bad until i try to go to sleep. ARGH! so i do get some sleep, take a few decongestants and continuously attempt to pop the ear. i cant hear AT ALL out of my left ear. well, thats not true. i can hear my heart beat. loudly. non-stop. so i tried calling those ear, nose and throat guys. A WEEK FROM THURSDAY is the soonest appointment i can actually make thanks to an out-of-town husband and babysitter issues!!! AHHHH!!!! the pounding!!!! i'm going to call those doctors back tomorrow and just tell them i'm bringing the boogerbear will me. i dont think i can realy handle this for more than a week. but, man, i'm a idiot. i could have taken care of this LONG before it actually HURT, but i didnt because i'm a bum. a big, fat (not as fat, actually), lazy bum. I WANT EAR TUBES!!!!

the moral of the story is, take care of yourself no matter how lazy you are and chirstmas movies and flan can make you feel a little better even when you feel really crappy!

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Erin Bradley said...

ah ear problems.....
i have had ear issues since i was an infant. i hate it.
I had tubes put in. its not really a biggie you just cant go swimming without putting some type of wax in your ear to protect them.

Poor baby. I know about the pounding. Dear lord do i know. :(
Get it fixed or it will drive you up the wall.


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