rain, rain, go away...

actually, you can stick around for a tad longer. rain often comes in handy.

the boogerbear and i dropped husband off at that dumb airport today and then hit up a craft store for some supplies. (like i really needed them...) after the stock up, we headed home for some snuggling and left over chicken&dumplings. what more could a mom ask for.

well, back to the snuggling.


Kelly said...

Ah yes, California rain... I remember wishing for rain when we lived there, I hated that we never had a good thunderstorm like in TX ;)

Erin Bradley said...

hmmm i was just wondering... did you notice that experience is spelled wrong? If you were going for a cutesy way of saying it thats coolio! Just being nitpicky.

Thanks for the comments. Pepper still isnt eating. they eventually had to put in a feeding tube. We are all just hoping he finally gives up the stubborness and just eats but he just needs his own time, I guess.

hollystar said...

no i didnt notice that. good eye. fixed now. thanks!


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