and now i will not be able to sleep tonight...

its 12:30am and i just got the call that erican has been having contractions for the past few hours and they're on their way to the hospital. i didnt know how i would feel when she hit this point, but now i know. I AM SO EXCITED! her husband is going to call me after they get her checked and know where she's at in the birthing process. i hope everytihng goes well. birthing twins vaginally is kinda rare from what i've read. it happens and her boys are lined up and ready to go according to her last sonogram, but there is still that looming possibility of a c-section (like with all pregnancies, but a little more thanks to babyX2.) i know a c-section is by no means the end of the world. i've had friends who had a c-section and they bounced right back. on the other hand, i've had friends who took over a month to get back to relative normality. i'm not really sure that erican is prepared for a c-section, which (i would think) would suck if faced she was faced with an emergency c-section NOW. regardless, i know they're ready to meet their babies by hook or scalpel!!! i hope all goes well and by this time tomorrow (or SOONER!!!) we have a couple new rascals to look after.

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