ready, set, slow down....

This week has been clearly grossly jammed packed. We managed to get through it and tomorrow i have big plans of tidying up around the house, harassing the costco wireless guys about 2 driod Xs and cooking Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon. thats it. ok maybe not it, but close. i managed a small pile of great poloroids taken today at a birthday party and its going to make an adorable layout. still infatuated with that camera. it looks like sometihng that belongs on some super mod spaceship like the one in A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Love looking through the view finder.

i haven't had any time to make anything in the past couple days. ok, anything that wasn't the massive make & take i did on saturday. so i'm looking forward to getting back to my desk and getting some work done. have a few more new ribbons from May Arts that I stashed to play with at a later date. not to mention the ones i have set aside for The Sampler. Really thinking i should do some sneak peaks. I never thought i would be so into a kit club, but i love it. helping others create is all i really want out of this experience and i really feel like that's exactly what we're doing after speaking to so many new and old club members. that and i love making little piles of things. i feel rewarded.

i also feel sleepy. i think its time to hit the sheets. hope everyone has a great monday (i know...) and a fantastic week!


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Erin said...

I have been wanting that camera for a few months now since I saw it on Yes Man. I am so glad they brought back polaroids.


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