not bad for a monday.

i started my day off in a super way. i really dont buy a lot of paper crafting product for myself lately. lets just say i have more than enough to keep me goin. BUT, a few weeks back pink paislee had a super deal where they were stuffing medium flat rate boxes to the brim with their product for $40. I got mine today. i couldn't tell you the exact retail value of my new goodies, BUT its a heck of a lot more than $40. i'm a little pink paislee deprived here in the bay area so this will most definitely be a sale i take advantage of next year again! the only think i wish i would have seen in this box that i didnt receive are the fabric ruffles they released at winter CHA. love those things!

i think the 1st project i'm going to make using some of my new goodies is a flower journal. i tried to blog my weekly flowers a while back but fell behind on my photos and never shared the living lovelies. BUT, i do have photos and no idea how to use them. bam! flower journal. cant wait to get my prints and get to work. i think its going to be a hybrid photo album -slash- weekly log. kinda a recap of the live we lived with those flowers in the house. neat, no?

tonight i made the beef bourguignon i was talking about yesterday was it, i think. i used this beaujolais. such a good wine. i think we have another bottle. not sure how long i should horde it. anywho, i think i'm going to cut some paper and sww that i have in me tonight. hope everyone is having a super week so far!


ps. every poodle should wear t-shirts.

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