aquarium v. crap i'm pooped!

we went to the monterrey bay aquarium today. the boy ran NON STOP. i dont know how he actually saw anything.

but he did. and pressed every button he could find. a membership to this place is definitely in our immediate future.

the boy's email btw. feel free to send him some spam...

anywho, tired. big day. and big week coming up. we're headed to houston at the end of the week (well, the boy, the poodle and me at least. husband not so much) and so much to do before then. never mind actually packing, but there is cleaning, kit club preparations, shipping stuffs out... all kinds of junk. big week. but for now i will watch some reruns of kimora, life in the fast lane and enjoy a nice herbal tea.


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kim @ mommyknows said...

It looks like a fun day. You got some really great photos.

My youngest desperately wants to visit Marine Land she's seen commercials.


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