i've had a cold all week long. so sick of being sick. and there is so much to do. the Santa Clara scrapbook expo is coming up and that means its time to get to work. The Sampler is going to be there doing some great giveaways and make & takes. at least i have been home to organize, but thats not helping me get the displays ready. with any hope, this week things will all fit together and crap will get done.

speaking of displays and fitting together, today i hit joann's for 20 yards of muslin for the display and wandered past their paper crafting section because thats what we do and i found these basic grey sizzix dies and embossing sets. omg i'm so ready for christmas and holiday cards now. and mini albums. omg. i couldnt help myself. you know what made it "worse"? 40% off. grrr. some of these things need to be more difficult to resist. i will have to p ost photos later because they're apparently new or obscure enough that they dont exist really on the internet yet. shocking, i know. but trust me, they are lovely and if you have some cash burning a hole in your wallet, ideas of easy but grand holiday cards and a joann's near you, GOGOGOGOGOGO!

i think im going to go play and work on that work stuff a while. have a super sunday!

sunshine&bunnies, holly*

ps. i think i'm in love with indie girl. too many loves.

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