weekend? what is that?

it seems like down time is in super rare supply lately. a good thing, but its really making me wish for more hours in the day. this weekend (ie. today from 12-3) i'm doing the make & take i did at the santa clara scrapbook expo at Memories Live On. We wanted to make sure all the locals got a chance to make this super fab make&take. (if you're in the area, check out www.memoriesliveon.com for images and call to reserve a spot!)

I'm hoping for some time tomorrow to get my scrapbook space back into some kind of order. as usual, i'm on the constant prowl for the perfect organization. it exists, i know it does. where? how? i have no real idea. but putting away and purging a little will make my space happier for now.

The august kit is up now! only one or two left... maybe... yea, i need to do a final count as everyone comes and picks theirs up. needless to day, The Sampler was a huge hit at the expo and we made a lot of new crafty friends.

anywho, hope everyone's weekends are rockin! i'm going to wander off and stick some things to some other things. maybe it will be cute.


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