tasty tuesday!

thought i forgot about these didnt you? nope. but today i'm going to keep it short and sweet. litlerally, if you EVER find this man's chocolates, BUY THEM! and enjoy them! little pieces of heaven. his sea salt caramel is simply sublime. whilst i vowed to have a homemade christmas this year, that is not including stocking stuffers of which will be from richard donnelly's shop.


Joe said...

boy, that stuff ain't cheap, is it? I need to lay off the junk food, methinks. Getting a little soft in the midsection, and it makes me le sad.

hollystar said...

no. it is pretty pricey, BUT ITS SO WORTH IT! husband absolutely LOVES the cardamom bars with some nice whiskey like old portero (anchor steam). other than the sea salted caramel, i love the tequilla balls. i know...

and i just have to say, these chocolates are not junk food. but poking joe around the "soft" midsection with amuse me greatly.


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