my favorite halloween costume.

well actually it was more of a family costume, but the boogerbear dressed up as a tortoise and husband dressed up as a hare. too cute. the boogerbear was only a couple months old, but he was such an adorable little hunk of baby that he could rock anything and make it happening.

this year, i think i'm going to hunt down the "treatosaurus" costume from baby style. the boogerbear already has some sweet dinosaur arm motions and sounds for a dinosaur and i was thinking of making him a "treat basket" in the likeness of a dinosaur egg. maybe.


Joe said...

We've got a Superman costume for Tyler (which I'm sure is too big but don't really care). Sarah bought it because she knows I'm a nerd.

junior_maxwells said...

I wish they made a Squirt costume in my size! :-)
Time for me to stalk now.


Anne said...

Oh, this is too cute and creative!

sarah said...

what a cute cute cute costume!! :)


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