i like those "save the tatas shirts"

i dropped my grandmother off at the airport yesterday morning, which totally bummed me out. but, i had places to go, fun to have, crap to scrap. at 10am i wandered into scrapbook island's scrap pink all day crop. i got so much done, but no photos taken of course, but i can share this.

two "blank" layouts i submitted for their silent auction. the owl page went for $45 and the happy holidays page went for $20, i think. most pages went for $15 to $30 so i was stoked that one brought in so much more. only one layout went for more and i think it was rigged. ;)

before i depart, i have to fess up to ordering this. i've wanted to wreck this journal fo so long. i actually ordered two so i could make my partner in crime do it along with me. i'm warning you people now, if i have your address, i might mail you this thing with requests for help "wrecking" it. this week's mail is going to be so fun! i have these journals coming as well as some yarn to finish up christmas gifts (hooray for knitting at the park), felt coming to make the boogerbear's halloween costume and a couple winter pieces including the sweater and pants i was thinking about having the boogerbear's photo taken in this winter. i might even send out some happy mail myself for those of you who know what i'm talking about.


junior_maxwells said...

That is such an awesome concept! I may have to order one as well! :D

Jane said...

That journal is pretty awesome! I think I could take out some serious anger issues on that thing.

Sasha said...

Love that..and those layouts are soo soo cute I would have purchased them too.

Have a good week girl


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