jean distressing = art.

as i was catching up on my reader, i saw a post over at david friedman's photography blog about a factory where they distress jeans pair by pair. dont get me wrong, i have a bucket full of distressing tools and inks (thank you, tim holtz!), BUT i would have never guessed that there was a warehouse somewhere (in the US particularly) that people were doing this process on jeans muchless that the entire process wasnt completely automated by now. talk about functional arts. these people are sanding and splatting and tearing and whiskering their way to the perfect pair of high end denim. ao, next time you spend a little too much on a little too ruined denim, just consider it part of your ever growing art collection.


A Free Man said...

Is art a bit of a stretch?

Have you got a new look going on over here or is my memory just really bad.

Sasha said...

I will remember that the next time I scrap my jeans with glue ..lol. Awesome find and post..

Have a good day girl

Joe said...

ooo... I dig the new blog-look

I have a pair of jeans from Aeropostale... I spilled 2 drops of battery acid on them. Now, there's a couple holes in them and they are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE pair of jeans now. Strange how that works.

Merryheart2 said...

Ha! who would of thunk? my worn in, faded jeans are actually in.


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