minor road block

not a whole lot going on currently. long weekend, but kinda laying low. plans for griiling something meaty on the horizon though.

i've been trying to get all i could done in tyler's scrapbook. i want to have it up to date by his birthday party. i'm actually quite proud of the results. i'm not so proud of my inability to scan said pages in and onto this computer. that multitasker printer that i used to be so proud of isnt as multitasking as i am apparently. so, i'm on the search for some place that does 12x12 scanning. first im going to see if the copy machine at ben's work place does it. then i may call kinkos. then i dont know. maybe i'll just buy a something with 12x12 capability. i wonder if they have homeoffice 12x12 print/scan/copy machines? if so, that would be superdooper. i have this really nifty idea involving printing on fabric. 12x12 pages would stretch my options with that project. BUT more about that later. I'm trying to clean my plate, not add another helping of mashed potatoes!

anywho, i think i need to go pack my scrapbooking suppies away for the time being so i can tackle the next project i have laying around. zoom!

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