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Ugh. Bad day. I feel like my uterus is about to fall out. Ok. I know. TMI. Anywho, here are my recent thoughts in a somewhat organized fashion:

Garden Gnomes. They’re everywhere. I no longer feel unique having the peculiar little fellows randomly around our house. Not that I love them any less. I just never envisioned garden gnomes to become a hot item again.

(random gnomes found at target!)

Dinner. I made it. It was yummy. Cioppino Pasta sauce with steamed clams and capellini.

here are our clams hanging out in a brine solution. one even stuck its tongue out at me!

mmm... cioppino.


Earings. I made some. Quick. Easy. Something I can actually wear with out threat of Tyler ripping my ear lobes. Here are some photos.

Tyler’s wiener. He found it! I know it’s a kind of pervie thing to discuss, but it is definitely in my top 5 of hilarious parenting moments. He was in the bath. He wouldn’t let the thing go. I even had enough time to get the video camera and get a good minute or two of it on film. SCORE! That’s future blackmail material if I ever saw it!

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Kelly said...

ah that's great... I remember when Dom "found" his. Believe me, it gets funnier LOL! ;)


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