stupid laptop

so my laptop is offcially dead as far as i'm concerned. its only a year and a half old and it WAS top of the line when i bought it. i just expected it to last longer. the resident techie says its more than likely the motherboard which is way expensive and actually really hard to find. SO, its dead to me. I figure it will be replaced eventually with something not so fancy. it was a nice laptop, but way more than i need. (i bought it for playing MMORPGS. aka. online video games. yea, i was one of those types... kinda) since i no long have the time or interest in playing video games with 12 year olds, i figure something that can handle websurfing, blogging and photo editing is all i need. i'll just add it to the list...

anywho, good news is that ben managed to get all (i think) of the data off of the laptop's harddrive. now its just a matter of getting him to show me how to access the harddrive he loaded the data onto and transferring it to his desktop which i now stake claim of!!!

well, i best scoot. i have lots and lots of cleaning to do. hooray. poop.

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