for the "over" prepared

seriously, my dog is part of our family and i want to make sure that, in the event of an emergency, he's looked after too! our groomer had these for her clients to put up in their homes and i thought it was a fantastic way to inform firefighters, police, rabid christian soldiers that there is an animal in the house that may need to be evacuated/rescued along with the family. i dont think i would forget the poo, but you never know the circumstances that might force you out of your home, unprepared.

if you have pets you care deeply for, make some little signs, in a highly visable color, telling emergency workers what they should be on the look out for and place them at all enteries to your home (i even placed them on our upstairs windows). yay!

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** Terramia ** said...

Fab post!!
I couldn't agree more... I used to work in 911 dispatch and you'd be amazed at how many animals are overlooked in a time of crisis. It broke my heart (I always reminded responders to look for lost or hiding animals)... a simple sign as a reminder or telling a family friend can save alot of grief in the long run. These animals are *part* of the family... and yours is so precious! Very cute!!


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