i enjoy events involving paper bracelets.

This weekend ZOOMED by! Friday night I toiled in the kitchen making 5dozen chocolate chip cookies for a party for my nephews and niece. Then first thing Saturday morning the husband, baby and I headed over to a local park for said party. It was a nice sunny day that left me burnt due to expired sunscreen. Did you know sunscreen really expired? Well, it does. The whole family was there pretty much and the kids had a really good time all costumed up. After hanging out with them for a while we took a drive up into the Santa Cruz Mountains for a bit to let Tyler sleep and headed to the Tyrolean Inn where we participated in the Maifest. It was super fun and I got great photos. As I soaked in the atmosphere, I decided that I enjoy events that involved paper bracelets.

Sunday we went to the Maker Faire. I really wanted to go because of Bazaar Bizarre which was super neat, which was basically a few rows of tables set up where crafters set up their goods. It was all awesome and provided me with tons of inspiration. I walked away with some YUMMY soaps from Estrella Soap and a new school bus bag from Fred Flare. Despite mostly going for the crafts, I found the whole event to be tons of fun! There was so much going on, so much creativity, so much inventiveness, so much enthusiasm, that I forgot to take a ton of photos even. Nuts.

I have a ton of energy today. So does Tyler. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but hopefully I get at the bare minimum get a thorough “to do” list made out (yea, I’m one of those list people) and get a few things crossed out. Maybe I can even get some of my craft projects off my plate today too!!!

for pictures of these events and for future reference, check out my FLICKR!


Saltygal said...

I saw your pics of the marker fair on flickr,looked like so much funin great sunny weather now I must run off to toss old sunscreens out . I didn't know they expired either!

Zita said...

You write very well.


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