a little vent

ARGH!!! I’m so freakin frustrated!!! I’m still using Ben’s desktop and its driving me NUTS!!!! He has about a billion icons thanks to his “open” organization, so I cant find a thing. On top of that I cant load any photos because he has some bizarre setting that doesn’t recognize new hardware. Well it does, but it doesn’t. I cant even explain. Ugh!!! What really gets me is that HE’S HOME right now, but he’s napping and I know I wont get him to help me if I wake him up.

Anywho, I didn’t think I would get a chance to blog and I don’t really feel like backing things up too much, so I wont. I will post photos of the projects I’ve been working on later…. Since I cant post them now…. I do have to say I’ve been productive! A wall painted, a room organized, pillows made, purses made, I even made Tyler a HAT. And more!!! But that baby is waking up so I’m gone.

ps. did you know you could blog in Hindi now? thats kinda neat.

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Kelly said...

No idea I could blog in Hindi... lol

Hope your computer is fixed soon! I could NEVER use Christopher's computer... he has like ZERO of my programs


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