may madness!

There is a ton of stuff going on this month!!!

Every weekend there is a birthday to celebrate. This weekend my (estranged???) SIL is throwing a costume party for her kiddo’s. They are Jehovah Witnesses so no birthday parties, but they do have parties every so often they that totally enjoy!! I still can’t figure out how to give those kids (there are FIVE of ‘em!!!) a present now and again! Then Sunday is Bazaar Bizarre at the Maker’s Faire in San Mateo (as close to San Francisco as a fair grounds is going to get). I’ve been looking forward to going to this thing for a while now, but now I got not only my MIL and SIL on board, but we’re turning it into a birthday outing for my FIL as well. He’s way into mechanics, diving and tinkering so the Maker’s Faire seems right up his alley. For his birthday I got him this totally rad remote control SNAKE!!! He’s into his toys. Next weekend is my BIL’s birthday. I have NO idea what to get him. He’s not as much fun to shop for. 

Ben is gearing up to change jobs. It seems like a positive change. He’ll be traveling more, but that means we’ll be traveling more!!! (Which reminds me, I still need to get my laptop fixed!!!) There are a couple places I really want to go. Don’t laugh, but the main reason I want to go is so I can do some fabric shopping. For instance, Japan has awesome fabric, but my Japanese isn’t too good and that makes it hard to order from them from where I sit. Plus, there is always a better selection when you go into a store….

More later. Baby waking up. Must run!

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