mia much?

ok. so i've been gone. i have reasons. first, i gave myself a lovely 2nd degree burn covering 3/4 of my left hand a couple weeks ago. it healed quite nicely, but was a pain in the ass for the first week. During that first week of healing, something horrible happened to my laptop so im stuck using husband's desktop, which IS NOT CONVEINENT. then my grandma showed up. so i dont have a lot of time to blog now, or a lot of time later. so it will come in waves. hopefully while my grandma is down i can get a lot of the projects i have going on completed and get some photos posted.

note to self: i need a new toaster and salad spinner.


Kelly said...

eeks! How did you get the burn! I hope you can get cuaght up with everything! Good to hear from you!

Erin Bradley said...

How did you burn yourself like that???? That must have hurt like beyotch!!!
Thanks for the tips on the packing. Bryan and I have been thinking about doing exactly what you said. Its just we have to wait till he graduates. Cuz if we do it now it will add on more stress to an already stressed out hubby.
I just dont want to go through all the crap. Its mostly his Army crap he kept. Its in every closet and nook and cranny in our house. I am going to tell him to sell it to an Army Surplus.
I hope your hand gets better.


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