Why are weekends so short?

Really? It seems like there should be another Sunday. Or something. Ridiculous.

Since the disappearance of the ATG, I had a bit of time on my hands. So this weekend I managed to get some deeper than usual cleaning done (good stuff i know!) and made some super yum dinners for husband and his family. Husband's dad's birthday was this past week so a celebration was definitely in order. Phil's Fish House cioppino is one of my personal all time favs! but its pretty pricey eating it at phil's. BUT NOW I can buy the base frozen at Shopper's Corner for a fraction of the cost. a quick trip to whole foods and costco for select seafood delights and i can make a HUGE pot of cioppino for the cost of pretty much a single bowl at Phil's. i'm stoked. these crabs were not....

anywho, back to my plight of the missing ATG. i felt like i was taking crazy pills all weekend. seriously. BUT, apparently, crazy pills also have a dose of creativity because oh man did i create this weekend. I had a stash of 3 half used jumbo glue sticks, two mostly new mono adhesive tape runners, the better part of a roll of double-sided tape as well. i say HAD. its gone. Not to mention the two or so packs of glue dots i also finished off but that's a normal situation for this craft desk. but yah, mini albums and layouts were assembled en mass. as usual, a few need some details.... here are a couple quick things i managed to finish...

quickie layout using a pencil lines sketch. love it! lately i've been really digging sketches. even if i'm making the sketch myself. sometimes the paper just wont talk to me until i have a game plan. (sometimes it does... this is when we worry...) i'm slowly pulling out and scrapping my stash of polaroids. these came out a bit on the dark side, but Tyler brightens anything up. The sketch really let me keep this layout clean! Very pleased!

products used: The Sampler's November Kit!

i also worked on some mini albums and had some scraps. i have such a hard time parting with these tiny pieces these days. needless to say, my card collection is getting ridiculous because so so so many of them are turned into cards.

products used: little yellow bicycle "savor" collection papers and cardstock stickers

and omg, how cute is this guy!??!?! Imaginisce just released their new Enchanted Collection and its too adorable for words. Typically, i'm not one to go for the super cutesy, BUT i can see spring in this line! i highly recommend you check it out!

anywho, i have a couple details to add to my layout for this friday's blog hop project for The Sampler! Not to mention, work on packaging MORE giveaways! i'm up to 14 packages already with all kinds of goodies from kits past, present and future! good times!


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Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

still no ATG? how will you survive? glad to see you were able to create without. see ya soon! hugs.


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