short and sweet

that's pretty much how today went. The little one got his flu mist stuff this morning and we hit costco for a couple things. i ending up walking out of there with a crock pot. not totally sure how i feel about crock pot cooking. i mean, it fits into my desire to do slow foods because, well, its slow... and i know that so many people swear by their crocks.... BUT, it just feels a bit on the lazy side. kinda. oh i dont know. it just takes up so much space on my counter and i have VERY limited kitchen space. well. for now. it has a counter to live on and i'm digging up recipes. it would be nice to come home and have dinner ready.

so i spent a good chunk of today cleaning up around the house and contemplating keeping the new kitchen appliance. short and sweet. a simple day spent around the house. those are the best.

i do want to share this short and sweet mini album that i will be making for this week's DE-stress Friday's at Memories Live On. very excited to make a few more of theses with everyone!

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anywho, i think i will call it an early night and hit the hay. lots of work to do tomorrow.


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