my two days after thanksgiving, thanksful post...

the holidays brought me a whirlwind of good food, good company and a good pile of dishes. so thats where i've been for the past two days. standing in my kitching admiring the massive amount of dirty dishes i created and devising a plan of attack. that was this morning. next, as a reward for massive dish doing, its time to pull out more Christmas decorations! but first a few things to share with you!

i did these tags week before last as a make and take for my DE-stress fridays at Memories Live On. Something i am very thankful to be able to participate in! I always struggle with what i'm going to do with all the projects i get to create with all of our fabulous customers but this time it was a no-brainer! PLACE CARDS! i plan on doing tim holtz's 12 tags of Christmas if he does them this year and those will be our tags for Christmas dinner!

the day before thanksgiving i ran some errands with sarah while she only slightly panic'd into opening her store yesterday and we hit diaso. i love diaso. dont ever leave me diaso!

oh, so while i was away experimenting with telepathic dishwashing techniques, i was bestowed by not one, but two amazing bloggers a very sweet award! I want to thank Sharla and Vanessa for there kind words! The story goes that once awarded this little gem i need to award others the same title. this will have to wait until later today and after a little more thought. but i just wanted to thank those ladies right now!

its a long standing habit of mine to save images that outright blow my mind in the inspiration department. they catch my eye for a variety of reason, but ultimately leave me more inspired to make something of my own. i am very thankful to be able to live in an environment where i can nurture and develop my craft passions. i come on, this piece is amazing!

last but not least, i want to leave you with a few photos of a Hambly project i did a couple weeks ago. actually, i'm not entirely certain i havent shared it yet, but here it is. i really need to go back and do a huge post of the layouts i wanted to share but never found the time. i'm sensing a new year's resolution coming on...

anywho, this is our grandma joan. at her i believe 89th birthday. with two of her great grandsons. she is a very sweet lady and we love spending time with her.

products used: Hambly silk screened paper and overlay, American Crafts Thicker, Pink Paisley Artist Tape, & notebook paper from the stash!

i hope everyone has had a great thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend. I'm going to get on those Christmas decorations and pack up for the inaugural crop at Our Paper Place and have a great time!


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Tracy said...

Two days staring at your dishes trying to figure a way to tackle them LOL.
Hey maybe thats why I don't like to cook, because of the dishes afterwards....nope thats not it teehee.
Love your tag.


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