dear peoples of the internet!

i have officially impressed myself. i have lost my scotch ATG gun. L.O.S.T. gone. vanito. (that's not a word, huh?) its out of here. no where to be found. and OH have i looked for that bright red hunk of plastic. i mean really, ITS HUGE... The adhesive selection is getting pretty grim right about now. last night i went through all of my old mono adhesive runners and some random double sided tape. you know the kind with the white backing. and even two craft bond glue sticks! we're talking adhesive dark ages here people!


here is the last known photo of the adhesive gun in question. if found, please giggle under your breath and watch me squirm.
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Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

that takes some skill. very impressed that you managed to lose your atg.


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