these guys are aweomse.

so, i've been on the look out for vinyl wall decals and/or stencils and i bumped into these guys on etsy.


byrdiegraphic's on esty has some of the best wall decal designs i have seen in a long time! super hip. i was thinking of ordering this one:


but i dont know what color. i was thinking the gold or the navy. the wall (which hasnt been painted, but the colors are picked) that it will be on is in the yellow, olive family. the accent wall is going to be a SUPER deep plum. very near black i think. the brick on the fireplace is that deep, brick red. i did a painting that this decal will be above that is done in a very similar gold. not sure how if the repetition of the color will make me happy or not. WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

and look at this awesome sofa! can we say awesome? fo realz.


sunshine and bunnies,

**photos borrowed directly from byrdiegraphic's esty store.**


Joe said...

that last picture = want

A Free Man said...

I'm not much of a decorator, but I love those birds!


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