fanboy alert: MARAH JOHNSON!

i think i might have a crush on Marah Johnson. not as creepy as it sounds, mostly, but i think she's my favorite "scrapbook person" that i've met to date.

earlier this week, Vivian from Memories Live On asked if i wanted to join the class that Marah would be teaching this weekend. hey, why not? i'm not really the kid that takes a lot of classes, but it was something to do and the sample intrigued me and i accepted her gracious offer.

1st off, Marah was NOT what i expected. from the other class samples i have seen of her's i didnt expect such a spit fire. (dont judge a book by its cover, right?!) she used the word ARTIST, which i love more than anything. she really is an artist and is amazingly creative. but thats me getting ahead of myself. while i do think that everything she has created is beautiful, most of it wasnt exactly "up my alley". before the class, i checked out her blog a touch, but just a couple posts. i didnt look into her lines with creative imagination. about half way through her class and listening to what she was about a bit, it dawned on me that she was the one who made some of my favorite transparencies EVAR! (and the line that goes with it)


so much my favorite, that its in its own special folder and still unused. maybe i will use it this week in honor or meeting her...

anywho, so here is what we did today. or at least the front of it.

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i really like it and had loads of fun making it. (the ultimate personal goal when i'm teaching a class is for my students to have a good time!) i'm going to work on it a bit more. get some photos and recipes in it. and then i think i will leave it off at memories live on for a few months to inspire others. feel free to stop by and check it out!!! (well, give me a few days 1st...) will post the inside before i take it to the store now that i think about it. anywho... lata!

sunshine and bunnies,

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Rachel said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Marah Johnson!!!! How lucky you were to get a chance to work with such a fantastic artist :) Lucky Duck !!!!


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