not exactly a news flash...

but paris hilton pisses me off. nothing new, really. and i'm pretty confident in saying that i'm not the only one. so, what has caused me to feel compelled to bitch and moan about something so obvious? we'll, she has a new craft line coming out this spring. and for some reason unknown to me, the only images they have released regarding this collection is this:

seriously? what does this tell me? i can say it doesnt tell me to buy/use this collection. entirely too pink. i like my bling these days, but i would much rather stick with stickles and/or kaiser craft's rhinestones... ok maybe some pearls too... but, back to the rant at hand, is the line so lame that they want to boost the hype around it? did paris hilton really have a niche to fill in the scrapbook industry? do you think they will some how try to include hair extentions in her crafting kits?  is it just me who sits here and ponders this kind of crap?
maybe. happy tuesday!
sunshine and bunnies, holly* 


KiS said...

I concurr, it's crap. I can't imagine this being remotely creative on her part, just the publicity machine. You know, because heiress' must sit around on Sunday afternoons making scrapbooks. Right.

sarah said...

yeah, i can't believe her. it's crazy, isn't it?!


shaina said...

i saw a picture of her at CHA. it just seems like so "not her scene" but oh well.

guess we'll just have to wait and see. maybe now she'll be famous for something worthwhile!! :)

Joe said...

I watched "Repo: The Genetic Opera" last week. It was one of the top 3 worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life.

Paris was one of the main characters.


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