i did a few layouts for MLO recently and this one is the only one i seem to have gotten a picture of. i quite like how it turned out. the alpha particularly. its all the same alpha: thickers "typo" in peacock.

the world "old" is covered in distress stickles in vintage photo. this is my 1st real incounter with the distress stickles. previously no one could really tell me what the difference was except only that it was "distress". no shit, huh? well, i think i figured out the big mystery a wee bit. first the bottle itself has a wider spout, so the glue actually is really hard to control and not ment for those fine lines that i love from conventional stickles. i actually ended up just dumping some stickles on the alpha and swirled it around until it coated them. 2ndly the glitter its self is two noticably different sized. i have no idea why, it just is. lastly, the glitter isnt shiney. its distressed. geez. i get it. i dont know how often i will use this version stickles, but its not going to give me nightmares either. 

the word "new" is covered in the new american crafts ZING! embossing powder. i cant seem to find a link that explains/sells yet, but i can say that i love it after using this pale aqua color. i tested it even on black cardstock and it is still really loud. i cant wait to try the bold/primary/metalics! (ps. the powder is pretty fine, so i tryed it out with a phrase stamp. the stamp was a pretty small, quarter inch maybe, and in cursive.  it stamped and embossed beautifully.) 

lastly, "inspiration" is simply covered in trusty stickles in "crystal" so you see a lot of the "peacock" color along with the glitters. yay glitters!


sunshine and bunnies, 


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