super simple valentines cards!

these cards are super simple. a blank card, the hero arts designblock: flourish stamp, clear embossing ink, a clear/glitter embossing powder, a 1x4" strip of contrasting cardstock, and a black pen. simply stamp and emboss your flourish, attach your journaling stril of cardstock, write your message, attach a rhinestone for good measure and VIOLA! you have a super simple valentine for someone special. 

the inside reads "... love slave?". yea i know, i stole it off a papyrus card i saw at target a while back, but it was cute!  
ok, now i have to get these bad boys in the mail. YIKES!
sunshine and bunnies, holly*


Joe said...

those supplies cost more than the $1.35 card that i'm gonna get for the wife ;)

I'm SOOOOOOO not crafty

hollystar said...

yea, those are all things i just happen to have around the house. so they cost me nothing...

i will make your cards for you next year joe.


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