beautiful butterflies mini album

how about a few photos for march's class? okies. 
this picture doesnt do those butterflies justice. or the whole album for that matter, but its a start. this class will have tons of glittering and alcohol inking yumminess. BUT, the coolest thing is that the entire album is pieced from 6x12 sheets of cardstock. once you learn how to make this book you will be able to construct your very own mini albums with only a few sheets of cardstock!!! 

I implimented loads of little pockets and accordians that are secured with magnetic disks. so many secrets. shhhhh.....

those are photo mats for you to simply slide a photo under and have the purple patterned paper and the butterflies sit on top of your photo. i just love the colors. they make me happy. 
class info goes a little like this:
Beautiful Butterflies Mini Album
Date: Saturday - March 28th 
Time: 2:00pm - 4:30pm 
Fee: $25
anywho, this is going to be a super jamming class and i really am looking forward to teaching this class. if you're in the bay area and would like to take the class contact:
10191 S. DeAnza Boulevard
Cupertino, CA 95014
(1 block south of Stevens Creek Blvd)
Phone: 408-446-9901

there will also be kits avaliable (i think?), but i'm not 100% sure on the cost. i will do an update later on about the cost and/or you can call the store and i'm sure Vivian will be able to help you with that inquery. 


Joe said...

how many scrapbooks do you have lying around your house? MILLIONS???

hollystar said...

not really a whole lot. i have my scrapbooks from highschool and early 20s. now the boy has 3. so maybe 6 books total. these little guys i make and give as gifts mostly. i dont think i've kept any of them except for samples for future submissions for stuff and things. :)

how many scrapbooks do YOU have laying around the house?:


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