its beary nice to see you!

hi you guys!!!

things are finally back on track after the holidays. i even have the holiday out of the house and have been thinking about nothing but spring. the weather around these parts is really making it easy to do that though. its been in the 70s since this weekend and i swear i have not seen a single cloud. winter? no. nice? YES!!!

speaking of spring, i have been working on projects for memories live on and i'm super stoked about the upcoming classes.

january's class goes like this:

i'm also about ready to unveal february's class project which is going to be an album in a tin and its even more adorable! think twitterpated!!!

ok, be back soon with more stuffs!!!

photo borrowed from: jane @ http://whoopsiedaisy-jane.blogspot.com/ (go check her out! she rocks!)


Joe said...

twitterpated fills me with confusion... but it did make me realize that you haven't tweeted in 12 days. Get on it *

hollystar said...

twitting apparently makes you a bad parent. i read it in an article, so it must be true. pwnd, however, was not mentioned.

sarah said...

hey holly!

when is your class?! i want to go to it!

also, i nominated you for a blog award. check out my site.


Kim Dellow said...

Oh this is fabulous. Kim


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