on a hunt...

...for mentos.

not just any mentos, but the kind of mentos i cant get my hands on short of getting on a plane. last time husband was in asia he brought me back some candies. i love japanese candy, but what i was most excited about were the mentos flavors. ume (plum), bananas and cream, and grapefruit. they were super! i really enjoy mentos. strange. but i do. more so, i enjoy the asian flavors and want MORE! strawberries & cream and grape (my favorite in japanese gummy candy!) also sound good. in my search i noticed that the netherlands (past mentos testing grounds) have a bunch of flavors that are unknown to my pallet as well. cola, pineapple, red apple, currant, watermelon, spearmint (i may have seen this in the US. i forget, but i loves me some spearmint), peach, strawberry yogurt, lemon yogurt, and the list goes on!

i hunt for these flavors. i havent found a mentos super source to buy a couple rolls of each, but i dont know how i can live with out tasting these little sugar bombs.

enough of the obsession. hope everyone is having a good weekend.

sunshine and bunnies,

ps. photo borrowed from http://www.typetive.com/candyblog


Jane said...

Yes! Kelly had Evan on December 27th. I believe he was around 6.5lbs. I haven't talked to her, but I believe they're both doing really well.

A Free Man said...

We get a fair bit of stuff from Japan around these parts. I'll keep my eyes open for you.

Joe said...

wait.... mentos that aren't merely chewy mints? want.


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