{6&7 of 344} and some stuff!

small things:
~people who understand that you dont always have to "reply to all"
~people who read and follow direction.
~whatever yarn kristina gave me. she told me it was like butter and it is. love it! need to ask what it is.
~a super warm sun on a crisp day
~treats like icecream after a dr's appointment

so, i've been keeping busy. no photos atm, but soon. a few layouts for memories live on as well as a couple mini albums and a handful of all occassion cards. i'm finally getting all of the ATC swaps i signed up for done and sent. i think i'm going to lay off the swaps like this for a while. too much other crafting i need to get accomplished. i'm ready to start sewing again. i ment to get some of the purses i have already cut put together this past weekend, but it ended up being a really busy weekend. maybe this weekend coming. maybe not. this past friday i actually got to do some scrapbooking in MY OWN scrapbooks. pretty awesome. i got 4 single page LOs done and 2, 2-page layouts done in an evening. well, mostly. a couple of them are still missing something. maybe i will work on those when we get back from the pediatrician this afternoon.

so, yea, taking the boogerbear to the doctor this afternoon. he has a rash/infection near his mouth. we tried the muprocin for a few days and it doesnt seem to be going away. i'm hoping its just a rash and not a staph infection which he was prone to as a little baby. even if it is staph, hopefully the doc can give some oral antibiotics and that will clear it up. we've never had to do that before (the oral antibiotics) but i dont want something like this to spread and yucky stuffs.

well, its about time to get the boy ready actually. i can get the dishes done and run the dishwasher while i'm gone i bet before i leave. note to self: DONT FORGET THE POST OFFICE TODAY!!!

sunshine and bunnies,

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