get shit done LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

today has been a super busy day. just stuff around the house, but getting so much done. its all of those little things that pile up. i got the christmas wrapping stuff (boxes and bows) organized and ready to be stored for another year, laundry is rolling, pictures in the frames i bought recently, things hung that were christmas gifts, table cleared so i can keep creating with the boy in sight, worked on instructions for my february class so i can get that in the store and posted, muffins made from some apples that were getting to the end of their life, valentines stuff organized so i can make them and get some mailed, blogs read, drooled over this!!! so many little things. and i think i can attribute it all to this:

i cant exactly tell you what it taste like. something familiar. but i cant quite put my finger on it. its not bad though. anywho, just saying hi! hope everyone is having a great day!!!!

sunshine and bunnines,

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Joe said...

Everytime I try to put myself into cleaning mode, I end up on the internet. Maybe this afternoon.


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