easter "baskets"

so my MIL bought these random paper cups at the dollar store, again.... we never use them, but they're cute so she buys them. (i cant say she's the only person guilty of that around here.) well, instead of putting them on the counter or in a box like normal, this time around she asked me what we could do with them. my thought process evolved from something we could just put a dyed easter egg in with a few goodies at everyone's place setting on easter day to making mini easter "baskets". here's the result so far:

a had all the supplies laying around the house (i'm still not sure if thats a good thing or a very bad thing...) and i got 'em cranked out really fast. i believe this will be a craft i keep in my arsenal for future use...

1 comment:

Kristian said...

you're so freakin' crafty that it makes me ill...in the nicest sense.


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