you know what i hate?

Cell Phones. Yes. Cell Phones. Big time.

So, here's the deal. like a freak, i have two cell phones and they both are driving me effing NUTS!!!

cell phone A: my "local phone" took a swim in a pool of spilled coffee on monday. lame, but we got suckered into, i mean wisely purchased the cell phone replacement insurance. monday afternoon i sat down at my laptop for what i thought would be a very painful experience. to my surprise, it wasnt painful at all. it took about 10minutes and a brand-spankin new orange enV showed up at our door the very next morning!!! yay! i activated it and all was well with the exception that i lost ALL my contacts that i had on my coffee soaked phone. again, lame, but i could recover most of my contacts off cell phone B and the rest i could just ask for via email or the next time i saw the missing contact in person. so, today i FORCED myself to go to the verizon store and get those contacts i did have transferred onto the new phone. after an hour of waiting, explaining, having the representative completely not listen to me, re-explaining, having the representative get confused, looking at the manager standing next to her with sad puppy dog eyes, having them figure it out only to tell me they didnt have a replacement phone in stock, queue theboogerbear screaming like a banshee and i still walked out the store with out a phone. ok, what i did learn was that the insurance replacement phone was now covered under a 30day defect warrenty. the phone being clearly DEFECTIVE is covered. so, a NOT brand-spaking new REFERBISHED phone is on its way to my house. yay! someone else's earsweat on my phone. so, tomorrow i get to wait for the phone to show up (hopefully before gymboree), activate it and head back to the verizon store to try to get my contacts transferred. hooray....

cell phone B: my "texas phone" is just a lame duck. its freakin old as moses. its actually on my mom's at&t account. just an extra line that i seldomly use, but its good to have around so my grandma doesnt have to pay long distance charges when she calls me. yea, so i need to make some phone calls in the car, but i cant because my almost 3 year old razor cant handle keeping a call connected while moving at a 50mph pace. ARGH!!! RAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaGE!!!

oh well, my crop-a-dile showed up today, FINALLY. so i'm going to go punch holes in things and grommet until i puke.

have a good evening everyone!!!!

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