too tired to think of a post title.

ugh. so tired this morning. i even went to bed before 4am last night! for those of you who don't know, i have lame, untreated insomnia or, as i call it, night owl-idis. i've always been this way. my mother says even as an infant, i partied all night and slept all day. growing up, i struggled with early bedtimes, always getting perkier as the night went on. as an adult, it was more common for me to struggle with, but accept, 4 or so hours of nightly rest. a typical night owl. i think. now, i really want to go to sleep at a somewhat decent hour and i cant. i lay in bed, in the dark, in a room devoid of all stimulus and i just cant shut down. that good ol' brain of mine keeps churning and i keep telling it to leave me ALONE! stupid brain.

so, sunday and monday night i self-emposed a personal exile to the couch. we have a very comfortable couch, so, even though i went to sleep after 4am on those nights, i did get some restful feeling sleep. last night i went to sleep in the family bed with husband and the boogerbear. i went to sleep pretty quick by my standards (under 20minutes i would say), but only to be KICKED by the boogerbear. grr... that would have been fine, but he kept doing it. no matter how i moved him, those little legs kept managing to find me. as a result of his kicking i never got into a deep sleep and i'm left feeling like i didnt sleep a wink last night.

once husband left this morning, i scooted the boogerbear over and i dont know if he kept kicking and i just didnt feel it or if i wasnt in HIS space so he didnt bother kicking ME! *sigh* this leads me to believe their is a problem in our bed. there is just not enough room for the three of us anymore. i know i've talked about putting the boogerbear in a big boy bed before, but i think its affecting the quality of our sleep (not to mention i spend about 60% of our nights on the couch now) and thats not cool.

OK. one more cup of coffee and i promise i'll go check out some matress places. i promise. (anyone know a good matress website?)

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