in honor of our easter weekend festivities kicking off tomorrow i dyed my coconut "grass" green tonight and did some PEEPing around the internet. we all know we secretly love those horrible little globs of sugar crusted stale marshmellow. here are some PEEPlinkies:

~plain ol'peeps.com for those of you who need a refresher course on peeps products.
~peep research for the brainy types (jo, your hubby would enjoy...)
~a list of peeps links so long that it made my heart swell with pride and caused an urge for me to stab my eyes out with rusty nails.
~a PEEPshow
~PEEPcrafting (my MIL bought be this book for easter. awesome.)
~i never thought to look for peeps coloring books. i know whats going into the boogerbear's basket next year...

oh, yes. i own peep plushies.


Kristian said...

those are stinkin' cute...and do you seriously make something every day? there might be a support group for that...or you could ship your crafties my way. i'd be happy to take them off your hands.

hollystar said...

ha! not everyday, but i like to work on a little something everyday. it keeps me sane, if we could call what i am "sane".

i'm working on putting some stationary sets together to possibly sell. maybe a package will make it your way one day and you can do some "product testing" for me...


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