our afternoon.

HEY MOM! what's over there?


yay sand! (approx 3.2seconds were spent sitting STILL and playing in the sand)

OMFG! there's some water over there!

oh but i found a STICK!

never mind that! JAPAN HERE I COME!

you picked me up mom, what the fux?

no really, WHAT THE FUX LADY!!?!?!?!

on that note, we went home for some quality napage. i have sand down my shirt. i'm tired. i want a taco.


Kristian said...

haha hilarious commentary! cade has the exact same hat, but if only i could get him the exact same beach too. oh wait, i'd have to clear the snow first.

Kelly said...

hehe nice :D And oh how I miss those palm trees and the sound of the ocean. But I do not miss California anymore other than that and some of the weather :P

Kristi said...

I am soooo jealous of the beach! You are so lucky to live there!


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