i apparently FAIL at posting life as it occurs. with that being a simple fact around here, how does a recap of this past week sound? no good you say? TOO BAD! sit down and keep your mouth shut!!!

sorry about that. i'm feeling fiesty today. this week was pretty tame, but in a super duper way. we got back into our daily grove with everyone home. we're working on getting rid of our bottles once again (yes, there was a previous, feeble attempt to ween the booger.) we hit up the park a ton! and so much more. here, let some photos elaborate...

the boogerbear kicked off gymboree this week. he loved it. i was exhausted.

i continued our emergency preparedness efforts by plugging in a few of these super rad nightlights/emergency power failure lights/rechargable flashlights in around the house. i dont want to be paranoid about some kind of "oh noes! end of the world" type senario, BUT i can make little efforts that can make a big difference in an emergency.

i interviewed for and most likely got a position as a scrapbook instructor with Michael's. kinda lame, but its a starting point. oh, and i really did make that "qualifications" page as an example of how i would "instruct" on how to put a simple page together. the cheesy photo was mandatory. i'm the uber nerd.

the boogerbear is still an imp.


Not Afraid to Use It said...

Cool that you got the job at Michael's. I am ready to join the real world again so I can start doing classes and things like that. Gotta get out of the house before my head explodes. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

hollystar said...

well, anytime you're in or around milpitas, ca, feel free to sigh up for one of my classes!!!!


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