pre-valentines romance

husband gave me a single pInk rose for pre-valentines.(i dont ask questions. i just go with the flow.)

and took us to our favorite burger joint. the boogerbear had his 1st corndog. (dont worry. we were in santa cruz, ca. it was totally a hippy, guilt-free corn dog.)

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! (weeee.... appropriate valentine's day sugar rush!)

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MJ said...

Happy Day After Valentines Day! This is the first time I really read the comments you left on my blog...thanks for being like the only person to acknowledge it's existence. I'm glad I finally got to see some recent pictures of Tyler! Thanks for the christmas card by the way, I was sad when I didn't get an updated photo of Tyler...so here I am, to track down some Tyler photos...what a cutie! Well, I wish you, Ben and Tyler a very happy new year!

Michael J.


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