does the boogerbear need another pair of shoes?

i dont know. they're pretty dang cute. i found these over at babystyle. i have an affinity for plaid on my son. so, back to the shoe issue at hand. he already has 5 pairs of shoes in his current size which he just grew into. so i have roughly 3-6months in size 6, EXTRA WIDE!!! i think thats the approximate time frame i should have him resized. i dont know. how fast can toddler's feet grow? i know they're supposed to grow like weeds right now, but thats not very specific. hurmf.

well, i had best get the boy dressed. today he will be jocking very stylish gap, original fit jeans, a graphic print tee and his stride right prodigys. god i hope one of those "you suck at fashion" shows doesnt come and attack my child...

this posting (and my internet musings) this morning were brought to you by: mini waffles and a very entrancing episode of sesame street. oh, and the letter R! say it with me ARRRRRRRRRR!


Jo said...

Lacy needed another pair of shoes too. Check em out! I just put them on the blog!

Anonymous said...

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