a holly for hire

so, more about this michael's gig. i was picking up some storage solutions for some itty bitty brads at michael's earlier this week and saw these signs posted around the store saying that they were looking for a scrapbook instructor. hum. ok. i thought about it on the way home and started thinking "hum. why not?" so i called just to see what the thing was about. i'm by no means in the market for a JOB, but i am in the market for something to satisfy my need for adult contact. (also, after more consideration, this may lead me to another path of full-time work when i am ready for that)

so i called. the ladies (an event coordinator and a manager of sorts) i spoke with were stoked. they informed me that the position was a part-time (part-time, part-time,...) position and there was hourly salary + commision or something or other, blah, blah, blah. i was asked to come in on saturday (yesterday) for an "interview".

i brought in the boogerbear's 1st year scrapbook and made that dorky "qualifications" page to use as a demonstration of how i would instruct...

the event coordinator i met was way eager to get me signed up, but i, of course, still need to meet with the store (???) manager before i can receive michael's materials and/or be placed on their monthly calendar. i can teach 2-4 classes monthly and i can request to do in-store demonstrations (yea, at those little desks at the front of michael's stores) as often as i like.

and now for my con list. the classes are by no means free form. the "syllabus" are sent down from a corperate office, god knows where, and i am to recreate through their instruction. the demonstrations are more of my choosing, BUT i can be asked to revolve them around a particular product. both would be means to increase sales for michaels. not horrible, but definately involving "the man." definately not my personal style of crafting.

all-in-all i am excited about this opportunity. if nothing else i can share some of my conventional and maybe even my unconventional knowledge and maybe even get a foothold into an industry that i have interest...

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Kirbs said...

Slooooowly catching up.
Hope the job works out! It sounds like it might be a lot of fun!


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