i'm dumb.

i have lived in various parts of california for 4ish years now and still the seasonal allergies i have aquired since living in this fine state sneak up on me. thanks to year round flora and fauna, i have no idea what the heck is causing the allergy except it gears up around mid feb and is done by the end of march.

so, today i didnt do crap. yesterday i didnt do crap. oh, and the day before that, i didnt do crap. stupid allergies kick my butt. tomorrow will be different though. i will be taking the boogerbear to a music class tomorrow morning and doing some grocery shopping and then i will come home and do crap. yay crap!

on an up note, the allergies do seem to be fairly tame so far. definately milder than the previous seasons. i just wanted everyone to feel bad for me....

OH! one thing i did today was finally get sick of trying to find cute bedding for a boys room and i found some awesome fabric over at jcaroline. its green with vintage toys all over it in mostly primary colors. i would share the img, but jcaroline apparently has their act together. i ordered it out of their fabric closeouts section (half off, YAY!) and they only had 4 yards left. (i'm going to bribe my grandmother to make him a quilt, so i only need 3/4yd of the print for a 9block queen, but i figured i should get all their stock for other stuff and things for his room) so yea, i bought all 4yds and then went back to save the img and POOF! it was gone!!! i dont find too many websites that automatically pull down a listing as their inventory is depleted. granted this is something they dont plan on stocking again, but its a nice touch!

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