2.25.2006. hum. time to pay bills again.

mmm... tex-mex. i'm watching a show about tex-mex. makes me miss la casona back home. if you're ever in rosenberg, tx, be sure to stop by. i recommend a pitcher of margaritas (on the rocks with extra limes and salt on the side), the choriqueso (melted jack cheese with chorizo served with fresh, homemade flour tortillas), a cheese enchillada with a side of rice. oh, i just taste it now. the yummy enchillada goo mixed in with their rice (they have a good recipe and actually use real veggies to season. i approve). *makes homer simpson drool noise*

anywho, so i'm finally gaining ground in my search for local buddies. last friday i went to a really, super-cool crop (husband calls a crop a LAN party for scrapbookers. hey, whatever makes him "get it") in san jose. i apprently had the appropriate lost look on my face and was pulled in by a very nice woman. a few minutes later another scrapper from her "group" showed up (we can call her K). K has a little boy thats like 3ish weeks younger than the boogerbear!!! we hit it off quite well and made plans for tomorrow to hit up the san jose children's museum. yay! the 1st woman (we'll call her S), was showing me some photos of some of the other scrappers that come to these crops normally, but werent there last friday, and i recognized a picture of one of the scrappers' babies. its one of the little girls that goes to gymboree at the same time/day the boogerbear does. nuts. small world, huh?

anywho, i had a big time at the crop and K introduced me to hambly studios. OMG! i'm HOOKED. when i start actually posting my LOs (LO = a scrapbook page, for you non-scrappers), expect to see lots of their stuff in my stuff. maybe i'll post some of the photos i have already taken. maybe i'll wait until i can load them all at once. i should really put them on flickr either way. ok, now i'm just talking to myself. man, i really want an enchillada.

well, this week is pretty full. tomorrow we're planning on the museum. wednesday i was thinking of visiting my MIL. i havent seen her in over a week! thursday we have errands and gymboree. and friday looks like it will be a great day to spend at the park, if the weather stays nice. which its supposed to. one can hope.

time for flavor of love 3. must go to rot my family's brain.

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