wow. its been a while and i have no real excuse other than i've been semi-sick and i'm the proud keeper of a semi-sick toddler. alas, we are making progress in the sick department. today i made a couple doctor rounds and topped the day off with a well deserved masage. good news from the ear doctor guy. the infection is mostly gone and he believes a round of antibiotics and a milder dose of drops and we could have a perfectly functioning ear again. *woot* then it was a dentist visit. he removed a half-@ssed semi-permenant "crown" that i got like 10 years ago and did an impression and put a handy-dandy temporary crown on the tooth for me to spend the holidays with. after being such a good girl all day, i earned myself a lovely 80minute massage at a local day spa. i really love me a good day spa.

so the world keeps spinning. husband has informed me recently that 1) i need a babysitter for TOMORROW for his company christmas dinner which is only for the big people and 2) he'll be in minnesota all next week, again. poop. first, i need to find me a 14 year old with tons of energy and likes kids. just to have on call. then i need a rent-a-husband for those days i need the trash taken out and husband is gone.

tonight we're going to get some hot chocolate and cruise around and check out some of the christmas lights. little does husband know, but i filled the car disc changer with nothing but christmas music and i have a glove box full of candy canes and santa hats. oh the photos will be grand. (maybe even for next year's christmas cards.)

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