on an up note

i ordered the boogerbear's christmas gift last night.

the kettler happy navigator tricycle .

i cant wait for it to show up! i'm fairly certain that he wont care about gifts again this year, but he'll have fun opening things at least. the trike will be a good addition to our trips to the park. i absolutely love buying him those things that every child "needs". in a way it shows his growth and development and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and mommy-like on the inside. yay!


Kelly said...

Woohoo... we got one of those for Dom's 2nd Christmas as well!

And wow check out the lady with that outfit and those sandals... She is seriously stylin'.

Jo said...

I just want to know if you are getting that rockin' outfit to wear to the park as well!

hollystar said...

i totally am. they had it on the kettlerusa website for sale with the trike. like a bundle package. anyone else want one? i can get a 2-for-1 deal....


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