christmas lights = excessive wine purchases

last night we went through the festival of lights near los gatos which was super fun. tyler sat in the front seat as we inched through a county park all dolled up with christmas lights and displays (for those of us from richmond, its kinda like the richmond state school's christmas display but with out the wooden cutouts and creepy maniquines.)so, that was a good time. then it was time to think about dinner. not really being in the cooking mood these days, i thought a trip to the nearby whole foods for their yum-yum prepared food section. so we cruised the large selection of yummy already made foods. all kinds of things are looking good. somehow we end up by the cheeses and figure we can pick a few up for snacking and munchie like meals later on. then we need sopprosetta or something. ok. then more crackers and some fruit. then i figure i should just pick up some groceries for the oncoming week since i'm already there. and, OH, i should make a lasagne for christmas cookie sunday! so, i'm roaming the store (stopping for a fresh box of crackers for the boogerbear so he'll be a happy camper for the remainder of our now extended market trip), husband finds a "good deal" on a bottle of wine from a very trusty winery. so, we decide to stock up on them since the holidays are upon us. he grabs 4 bottles and we carry on. finally we pick up some beef stew and a teriyaki bowl and head to the check out. while at the check out we were informed of a super dooper 10% off if we only grabbed 2more bottles of wine... ok, sure why not. makes a good gift, right? we walk out of the store with a $25 in cheese, $25 in lasanga makings, $15 in dinner, and a $250 receipt! oh i know its not the most we've spent on wine, BUT we went in there for DINNER! not all the festiveness of christmas...



Jo said...

so I read a few other blogs... and I found a picture of an apron that I LOVE!!!


any ideas on how to make it?

Jo said...


this link works. sorry


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