ah! i want to put a knife in my ear!

so, i couldnt take it anymore. i went to one of those doctors on duty urgent care CLINICS. i HATE clinics. with a passion. they're gross. sick people everywhere. the nurses dont speak english clearly. the doctors are complete quacks. and you have to wait FOREVER to be seen! but i couldnt take the pain and irretability anymore. so, first thing this morning, i bundled up the boogerbear and headed of to face my fears. i found it. i walked in. it was clean. only two other patients there. they were clean and appropriately dressed for the weather. the nurse at the counter spoke fluent english. he was friendly. i filled out paperwork. 10minutes later i get called back. a very nice nurse practitioner comes in and compliments our new stroller (which i LOVE thus far) and takes a peak into my ear. she kinda giggles. i'm like "what?" she's like "i cant seen anything..." i'm like "huh?" she then tells me that she really cant see anything by which she means that my outer ear canal is so swollen that she cant see through to my eardrum/inner ear canal. apparently a normal ear canal is about the size of the end of a ball point pin and my ear canal is about the size of the tip of a ball point pen. no wonder i cant hear, AT ALL. so, she believes that my middle ear problems has caused the outer ear infection. i got some Ofloxacin drops and 800mg ibuprofen. i did my 1st dosage about and hour ago and no drastic changes yet. apparently i should notice a big difference by tomorrow. i cant wait.

hooray for going to the doctor and the news not being as bad as you think it will be!

**thanks for the love, Erin. my ear canals are so scarred and i've had so many ear infections growing up that everytime a doctor looks into my ears they're shocked i never had tubes. its time. (well, as soon as this infection is gone) i was scared by the prospect of them slicing my eardrums open, but i did some reading about tubes and now not so much. it seems pretty minor and has instant results. i just dont know how long they will have to stay in and i hope they dont pop out! stupid ears. i want new ones!!! kelly got boobs, i want ears... : )


Kelly said...

Yick! Hope tomorrow is better!!!

And yay for new ears :P

Erin Bradley said...

lol, they stay in till they come out on their own. Its sick but your ear heals itself from being cut open so it pushes out the tubes but it takes like a few years.


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